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Re: Kernel Panic After Sarge Dist-upgrade To Kernel Image 2.4.27-2-386

Debian User Leonard Chatagnier wrote:

> Kent,
> Sorry about my mixup.  Found the original reply in drafts; never sent.
> This is new reply that is more current.  My reply is bolow:
> Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
>> Kent West wrote:
>>> Sarge's boot is hosed, but you've tried to boot off the Woody
>>> installation CD into the Woody installation, and it fails also.
>>> Is this correct?
> Yes, it did originally.  However, I checked around and found the
> right syntax for boot option and was finally able to boot woody,
> but sarge 2.4.27-2-386 stil has kernel panic.
> [Part of] The output of ... lilo.conf are shown [here]:

       initrd=initrd.img    (Note: there is a link in / to the actual
/boot/initrd.img/sarge.img so it should work)

The line should be:

> <snip>
> I also thought the /Solaris entry in linux Swap was an error.  When I
> entered single
> user mode to correct it, I found the same data for type 82 linux swap
> so didn't write
> out anything.  This must be something new in sarge as I don't remember
> it being there
> in woody.

It must be; I just looked at my system and was surprised to see "Linux
swap / Solaris" was also listed as the type on my swap file. Interesting.

Kent West
Technology Support
/A/bilene /C/hristian /U/niversity

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