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Re: possible solution for eth0 eth1 mixup on boot

On Friday, 24.06.2005 at 23:30 +1200, Chris Bannister wrote:

> > > Try setting Plug-n-Play to NO/OFF/FALSE in bios
> > > 
> > There are around 3 method to do so (learned while googling for the
> > problem, maybe somewhere metioned them on this list too, not sure).
> > I chose an easier one. I just mention the modules of the two NICs in
> > /etc/modules in the order I want the cards to be numbered. So module
> > for eth0 goes first and for eth1 goes next. The only problem is that
> > this method will not work if a NIC card is replaced with another one
> > which may need a different module.
> > 
> > ->HS
> PnP should be off in the bios. It apparently upsets the order in which
> they are 'found/initialised'. If that doesn't help, *then* I'd start
> looking at other solutions. 
> Eg. Re: DHCP problem where ip address is assigned to wrong NIC on
> reboot by Derrick Hudson on Tue, 21 Jun 2005.

You might want to investigate the 'ifrename' package:

    "Ifrename allow the user to decide what name a network interface
    will have.  Ifrename can use a variety of selectors to specify how
    interface names match the network interfaces on the system, the most
    common selector is the interface MAC address."

It's often a good solution for any system with multiple network
interfaces, when you want to be sure that the correct interface is
assigned to each one.

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