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Re: Finding the origin of a package installed by APT

On Thu, Jun 23, 2005 at 05:47:04PM +0100, Steven J. Murdoch wrote:
> My current machine has a number of packages installed from backports
> which no longer exist, so will not be upgraded should there be any
> security problems. I am about to reinstall my machine so would like to
> avoid this in the future. I have a partial solution, but have hit a
> problem in my understanding of APT, so would appreciate any advice.
> More generally, my goal is to be able to find out where an installed
> package came from. Using "apt-cache policy" will do this for packages
> which still exist in the APT database, but if a repository goes
> offline, I belived this information is lost. 
In aptitude you can see a list of "Obsolete or Locally Installed
Packages", if that is any help.

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