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Re: libapache2-mod-jk2 configuration

On Thursday 23 June 2005 22:11, Mark Lowe wrote:
> If you're up for compliling jk and for that matter apache then there's
> no problem using apache2 and jk.. But you'd lose the benefit of the
> package management that is a big plus with debian..

You misunderstand me - the link you gave below builds apache2, but having done 
so then just says download a precompiled binary for mod_jk.

So it appears you can use the debian precompiled package and just download the 
binary for mod_jk (of course you then have to manually configure it).
> There's really no problem using apache 1 for what you need, if you
> want to make light work of the install, and be able to focus on the
> configuration.
> > >
> > > http://raibledesigns.com/tomcat/

Alan Chandler

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