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Re: Etch experiences

* Jonathan Kaye (jonathan.kaye@univie.ac.at) [050621 23:09]:
> I don't mean to highhack the thread. Just a quick question. I don't
> recall any recent upgrades to Alsa (I'm tracking "testing" i.e. Etch).
> Could either of you let me know the alsa packages that got upgraded and
> their version numbers so I can confirm I haven't missed anything. My
> alsa-base is currently Version: 1.0.9b-1.

My sarge system is showing 1.0.8-7, so it looks like it's an upgrade
relative to sarge, anyway.  The changelog seems to indicate that
1.0.9b-1 is current as of 2005-06-08.

good times,
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