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Re: SoundCard Problem

I'm using Debian Sarge and trying to configure sound card, which is an integrated one with ASUS motherboard (ASUS SiS661FX/SiS963L/W697-P4S800MX (PGA 478)).

Sound card:     SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio

I downloaded ALSA and configured it (using ./configure), but when doing "make" it says "ALSA is already in Linux Kernel".

I don't know how can I configure ALSA in Debian now??

Don't take my word for any of this, but....

To my knowledge, ALSA is already installed and configured in Sarge (at least, it was for me). I had great difficulties to get my sound to work and some how managed to do it. I'll try to tell you what I did.

FIrstly, if you are using KDE, choose Kmix (K menu, multimedia, kmix) and make sure that a: there is a sound-driver (it will say this under the sliders, by the sideways slider. Mine, for example, says SigmaTel). Now, make sure that NOTHING is muted.

If this does not work, I'll try to give you more advice.

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