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Re: fetchmail multidrop problem

On Monday 20 June 2005 11:42, Marco Scholten wrote:
> hello,
> I am trying to fetch mail from out ISP and divide it on our lan to the
> correct users.
> We have only 1 mailbox with several aliases.
> mail to e.fox@ourdomain.nl should go to els
> mail to j.jansen@ourdomain.nl should go to jan
> mail to th.jansen@ourdomain.nl should go to theo
> mail to info@domain.nl should go to els and jan
> After several days of reading man pages and googling i still haven't been
> succesfull.
> what i have done so far
> -installed fetchmail
> -installed exim4 and configured it to send using smarthost and receive
> using fetchmail
> -configured outlook express on client machines.
> .fetchmailrc:
> set postmaster "jan"
> set no bouncemail
> set no spambounce
> set properties ""
> poll smtp.ourisp.nl with proto POP3 interval 300
>     aka ourisp.nl localdomains ourdomain.nl
>        user 'jan' there with password 'secret' to j.jansen=jan e.fox=els
> th.jansen=theo here options keep

I do a similar thing like this

poll imap.blueyonder.co.uk no dns proto IMAP tracepolls
        aka blueyonder.co.uk
        localdomains chandlerfamily.org.uk libdebate.org
 user "ac003a3222" password "secret" forcecr is * fetchall smtpaddre
ss chandlerfamily.org.uk

With this xxx@chandlerfamily.org.uk gets passed on to exim.  I use exim to 
route xxx.

The two directors which pick up all the names are as follows - the first one 
checks the /etc/aliases file, the second one picks up names 
from /etc/exim4/local-users which lists the names I accept locally.  All 
others will get rejected earlier in the exim configuration file via an ACL.

  driver = redirect
  data = ${lookup{$local_part}lsearch{/etc/aliases}}
  file_transport = address_file
  pipe_transport = address_pipe

  driver = accept
  local_parts = CONFDIR/local-users
  transport = local_delivery
  user = ${lc:$local_part}

lastly the transport for local delivery puts it into a local maildir

begin transports

  driver = appendfile
  directory = /home/${lc:$local_part}/Maildir
  group = mail
  message_prefix = ""
  mode = 0660

I then run courier-imap to provide pop3 and imap access to these mail dirs 
from mail clients.

> All messages now go to the postmaster, when i send a mail to
> th.jansen@ourdomain.nl then fetchmail gives an error 'unknown user'.
> When i send a mail to theo using 'echo "test" | mail -s "testmsg" theo'
> then it is received ok on the client machine.
> i have tried running fetchmail as root and as user, results are the same.
> I do not understand the relation between the various programs involved in
> this very well.
> Can anyone please point me in the right direction?
> thanks,
>   Marco.

Alan Chandler

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