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Re: Boot hang at "Starting: MTA"

On Monday 20 June 2005 22:42, debian-user-digest-request@lists.debian.org 
>  Now that I'm home I
> notice that when booting the system hangs for approximately 60 seconds at
> "Starting: MTA."
> I'm pretty green with Linux, but I'm guessing that the mail transfer agent
> is looking for a mail source (network) that is no longer connected. Is that
> correct? Whatever the problem, what do I do to fix the situation?

Mine also does this. I am not sure for what it is waiting/polling/testing but 
after that minute or so, the thing plays 100%

What MTA are you using? I am using Exim4 with the "heavy" daemon. Fetchmail 
retrieves pop mail from provider and the Exim "smarthosts" sending mail 
through the provider's host. Procmail is being used to spam and virus check. 
In the end, KDE's KMail gets the mail from user mail folders and sends 
messages written to localhost where Exim does the rest.

You might get along with something much simpler and quicker. Kmail can do ALL 
of this (but beware of its spam and virus checking which bog down the main 
program thread rather than run in the background). Other mailers can do it 
all as well if you do not like Kmail.

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