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Re: [OT?] Loadbalancer on Debian

On Mon, Jun 20, 2005 at 08:37:08AM +0200, Niclas S?derlund wrote:
> Hi all.
> Im searching for a free alternative to byuing an expensive loadbalancer 
> appliance. I have two identical servers on the "inside" and need third 
> machine on the "outside" doing a round-robin of a couple of ports to the 
> two servers on the inside, keeping states and such so that the traffic 
> is flowing unhindered and that new connections are established in equal 
> numbers to the two servers.
> Is this possible with Debian and if so, what application does this?

Yes.  www.linuxvirtualserver.org will do what you describes.  The
kernel does the load balancing, and the tools are in Debian, though if
you compile your own kernel you may need to compile your own tools
(which is easy and works fine in Debian.)


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