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Re: Copy protected CD's

> Of course, it might well be combine with some actual copy protection
> scheme that involves damaging the CD in some way.

My guess is yes, since the attacks that Tony and Shaun mentioned are
well-known.  I'm interested in the mechanism that

- allows audio CD players to play the disk
- allows Winblows audio players to play the tracks
- prevents Winblows ripping programs from copying the tracks.

Also, how well does this work?  Does it require the cooperation of the
ripping programs?  Or how is the difference between "approved" and
"unapproved" applications determined?  And of course, is the protection
effective on other operating systems?  Very interesting.

I remember reading a long while back that computer CD drives were pickier
than audio CD players, allowing manufacturers to, as you say, damage the CD
in various ways that defeat a computer CD drive while allowing an audio CD
player to play it.  But this seems like a slim defense, depending on
computer CD drives not to improve.

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