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Re: Copy protected CD's

* Tony Godshall wrote:

> According to Bj??rn Lindstr??m,
> > Andrew Schulman <andrex@alumni.utexas.net> writes:
> > 
> > > Does anyone know the details?  Some Windows-specific driver that's
> > > required to read the tracks?  And how does it know how many times
> > > you've ripped a song-- stashing counts in the registry some place, or
> > > in a hidden part of the hard drive?
> > 
> > Presumably it uses a data track and Windows' nasty
> > auto-run-executable-on-CD feature to create the actual annoying
> > messages. I guess that in itself would prevent ripping by some
> > particularly naive Windows users.
> > 
> > Of course, it might well be combine with some actual copy protection
> > scheme that involves damaging the CD in some way.
> I recall a story about the first CD that had this... people
> were defeating it by running a magic marker around the
> outside.  Do a slashdot search and you'll find it.

Or use the magic "hold down the shift key trick" so that auto-run
applications don't run.

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