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raid possible with different sized hd's?


i would like to move my home server to raid 1. It currently has 2 hd's that i would like to use for this however they are of different size. I tried to emulate this with Qemu (2 different sized "hd's") and it worked but will this work for real? I would use the space left on the biggest hd as storage for data that isn't important (that i have an offline copy off).
Is it doable? I would also like to use LVM on raid in the process.

I think i will need to do these steps

1. backup (i have them already but another one can't hurt)
2. partition hdc (smallest 1). 2 partitions, 1 for boot en 1 for the rest (0xfd). format boot as ext2
3. install raidtools2, mdadm, lvm2. have a raid lvm capable kernel
4. create raid arrays, md0 for boot en md1 for the rest
5. create pv from md0, create lv's in there & format
6. copy data over from hda (biggest hd) to the lv's of hdc & boot
7. now i would add the partitions of hda to the raid arrays but they aren't on lvm yet. So do i first try to boot from hdc and if that works repartition hda as i did with hdc? Or isn't that necessary because there is room enough to make the same size partitions on this disk anyway? If so i could then remove the partitions i have now after i copied them to the relevant lvm paritions on the same disk.
8. install grub to hdc too.
9. adjust fstab
10. reboot (keep rescue disk close at hand :))
11. test with uncoupling 1 of the disks at a time

Any holes in the plan?


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