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Re: Request for window manager recommendations

On Tue, Jun 14, 2005 at 04:01:33PM +0200, Jochen Schulz wrote:
> Me neither. I have under twenty keyboard shortcuts (all
> Win+single-character and most of them mnemonics) for the apps that I use
> most often.

    Ye gads.  Never understood that fetish as surely one will eventually step
on some application's keys or an un-intentional key combo.  Like, for example,
having ALT mapped to some function in a first person shooter and then hitting
TAB to access another function and suddenly be staring at the desktop.  :D

> Well, to start gui programs I do not have a keyboard shortcut for, I
> just hit Win-Space and IceWM gives me a little command line. It couldn't
> be much easier. 

    That's new.  :D

> And btw: if you are using terminals a lot, you don't need a separate one
> just for starting a gui app.

    Presumes one is at the CLI on a terminal which is at the local machine,
not in several situations where X isn't available and remembers &! the first
time around.  :P

> I think one big difference between our usage patterns is that I prefer to
> use the keyboard for every action. 

    Careful, you're assuming a lot of my usage habits.  So says I writing this
in vim to be handled by mutt while inside a GNOME terminal on my laptop
connected to my server at home.  :P

> That may not sound user friendly but it's very efficient, especially when I
> use my laptop (which is 99% of the time I spend using a computer outside of
> my workplace). I guess if I used my desktop always with a mouse in the rigth
> hand, I would prefer configuration via a gui too.

    I just don't see how the miniscule efficiencies amount to much of anything
when they are negated by odd quirks elsewhere.  In the time it takes to fire
up a CLI, editor and edit a text file to add a menu item I can do it far
faster with the nipple and rmb even if my hands dare to leave the home row.

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