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Re: Debian Sarge DVD Download Limit?

Glyn Tebbutt wrote:
>Hi everyone
>I'm having problem's downloading the sarge dvd's. Im trying
>but wget stops at 320mb. Same happen's with Firefox. Is there any way
>around this? I know this has been asked before and someone recommended
>lftp but I still had the same problem.

Two things:

 1) give up on the 3.1_r0 images - they've been superseded by 3.1_r0a
    after a bug was found.
 2) downloading a DVD-sized image can be broken by bugs in HTTP large
    file support at either end. Even if the tools at your end are
    64-bit capable, the apache on ftp.ie.debian.org may not be. I'd
    recommend trying jigdo/bittorrent instead if you can.

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