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Re: i think I switched to Etch without knowing it

Marty wrote:

Colin Ingram wrote:

On a side note: I installed sarge fresh a couple of months ago and I didn't have a /etc/apt/apt.conf file or /etc/apt/preferences. I created both by hand.

This is all very mysterious to me, all these people lacking an apt.conf file. I wonder how apt can function without it? In particular, how do you specify
your Debian version?!

Apt uses its default behavior if you don't have an apt.conf file. As for version this default behavior is to update to the newest version available. (see man apt_preferences) So if you don't have an apt.conf file and you don't have a preferences file and you have multiple versions specified in your sources.list then you will install/upgrade from/to sid. (or the most recent version specified in sources.list) On the other hand if you only specify one release in your sources.list file (i.e. stable) then apt will install/upgrade from/to stable because those will be the newest (and only) packages it knows about.

In a nut shell you can control your "version" with the apt.conf/preferences files or by only downloading a package list from a single release.

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