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Help: keybbbbbboard problem with 2.6.8 kernel

Ever since upgrading to kernel 2.6.8 on Debian (sarge) I've had a problem with
keys auto-repeating in X Windows. 

The problem only shows up in X windows. While typing in a terminal window (for
example) the key auto-repeat kicks in making it impossible to type. For
example if I try to type 'clear', it comes out 'cllllleeeear'. I have to
disable the auto-repeat function (xset r off). It looks like the key delay
value is being ignored and the only thing I've changed recently is the kernel
version to 2.6.8 (compiled from kernel-source-2.6.8 with the default config). 

I've tried various things like using the 'kbd' driver in my XF86Config-4 file,
setting the AutoRepeat option in the keyboard section but nothing helps. 

I've been looking all over for answers to this problem but I'm getting nowhere
fast! Please help me!


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