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Re: How long do I need to compile kernel

Vegard|drageV wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I am about to compile my first kernel, but since I've heard it can
> last a while (up to several hours), I will have to plan the job more
> carefully.
> Here is a quick summary of my hardware:
> PIII 455kHz prosessor 
> 192Mb RAM, 
> 2 hdd (12Gb + 4Gb) with ext3 fs, 
> 1 cd-writer, (non scsi)
> 1 cdrom (non scsi)
> Floppy drive
> Sound Blaster audiocard (using module ens-1371 today)
> nVidia graphix card
> 5 USB 2.0 ports on PCI card
> Besides that my monitor, speakers, keybord and mouse (com1) is quite
> old, with no special effects or buttons.
> Does anyone have any idea how long a kernelcompilation will take. When
> I start this job I will compile the latest kernel.org stable release
> (i.e. 2.6.12 or up).
> Thanks in advance, Vegard

It will probably take approximately 45 minutes with that hardware,
depending on what else your computer is doing and how many options you
select for your kernel.  I can't imagine it taking much over an hour, max.


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