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Re: On IMAP servers

Steve Lamb wrote:
Rogério Brito wrote:

Not only Thunderbird, but other MUAs, independently of what platform you're
confined to use. That's the beauty of IMAP, IMVHO.

    That's the beauty of properly implemented IMAP on the client side.  I
remember back in my PMMail/2 beta test days ('94-'95?) trying to explain what
a proper implementation of IMAP was.  At the time and for a long time
afterwards IMAP was viewed as a glorified POP server and not a means to access
remote mail folders.  This is evident in the fact that until Thunderbird no
email client, and I do mean none, did it right.  They all failed on the
simplest of tests.  Were they able to be configured so their sent-mail folder
was IMAP?  Drafts?  In every case it wasn't possible  In fact many people
never even considered that and often when IMAP was brought up in the context
of "what on Linux does IMAP" people would point to fetchmail.  Fetchmail!  *sigh*

    Thunderbird has warts, to be sure, the most notable being no
reply-to-list.  But at least it keeps the accounts separate and allows those
accounts to place all mail, even what is traditionally "local only" on the
IMAP server.

when I started using IMAP (2001/10/27) I tried number of IMAP capable MUAs and all of them were kinda OK, mutt is the only one that I cannot make save sent messages in imap folder but I guess I just need to read the docs (I didn't try much). I don't remember all the email clients I tried, I used mozilla client mostly, also tried kmail, evolution, sylpheed etc. and they were able to use imap folder for all special operations (maybe not all of them, I don't remeber). I remember that in mozilla the folders for templates, drafts and sent mail had to have different name (i.e. I still save sent mail in SentMail, drafts in Unfinished and templates in Sablony in my IMAP account).

are you talking about pre-2k times only? I mean during last four years imap support seems to be pretty good (and improving). Thunderbird definitely isn't the first usable MUA, as far as imap support goes.


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