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running one thin client?

Hey guys,

So my computer is kind of loud which is drawing some complaints from
other people in my room at night... anyway, i'm thinking about moving
the compute downstairs and using my laptop as a thin client (i really
hate turning my computer off and losing uptime... garg).  anyway, the
laptop is a 365Mhz Pentium 2... it runs ok, but it's way slower than
my P.C.--i'd really rather just use it as a dumb client (when it's
hooked up to the network, and as a real computer when it's not).  I
checked out the Linux Terminal Server Project, but that looks like too
much for this one-client setup.  So what's the best way going about
this... just using gdm acroos the network to log in (btw, how is the
performance for across the network X?)... nothing i do is too intense,
except watch the occasional movie w/ mplayer.  any advice would be
greatly appreciated.

Cameron Matheson

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