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Re: Quad-port Fast Ethernet on Debian

Am 2005-06-05 09:10:43, schrieb hmh@debian.org:

> > Ehm, Intel Pro 1000MT Quad-Port Server ?
> I wonder how well THAT one works...

Very well, ich you are using an PCI-X with 100 MHz

> A single-port E1000 with VLANs will give you better performance than 10x
> E100 in my experience.  First, because the E1000 has much better
> interrupt mitigation hardware and drivers than just about every other
> NIC I know of.  Second, because it is just one PCI device and not 10
> trying to contend for the bus...  Third, because it is *MUCH* cheaper,
> so you can move that $$$ to something more important, such as more CPU
> power or a server board with PCI-X/133 slots...

I have no performance problems on my AsusTek Mainboard...
Using two of them plus the Onboard VIA.

And my bigger router has three "Intel Pro 1000MT Desktop"
and two 4port VIA NICs.

> Even using *two* E1000 so that you get failover (with or without channel
> bonding) is still a better idea than 4 or so 4-port 100Base-TX NICs
> OTOH, you need a gigabit switch with proper VLAN security, which is not
> always easy to get...

And how many ports ?
I have payed for my small SuperStack (4x GBit and 24x 10/100) 3600 €

> I am moving all multi-NIC routers we have to multi-NIC routers with
> E1000s for that reason.  Even if we keep a 100BaseTX heartbeat on a
> E1000, it still behaves much better than the E100 and 3COMs we were
> using...

For a 3c905C I pay 7 € and for the 1000MT Desktop 39 €...

But using VLAN is much more administaration and risking
mal configuration.


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