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Re: Quad-port Fast Ethernet on Debian

In article <[🔎] 20050604044220.8A57E73A0@int.zzap.org>,
Simon Phillips <srp@zzap.org> wrote:
>I am after some general advice or info on people's experiences with quad
>port ethernet cards.  Any assistance would be much appreciated.
>For this, I am specifically looking to use *quad* port ethernet cards, 
>due to the number of ports and physical size of the hardware required for my 
>configuration.  I will probably need two per box (+ onboard port = 9 ports 

I don't think GigE quad port ethernet cards exist, so you're
talking about 9 100 mbit ports, right ? Why not use a single
GigE port ? If you need multiple interfaces, use VLANs.


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