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Re: Quad-port Fast Ethernet on Debian

Am 2005-06-04 14:42:20, schrieb Simon Phillips:
> All,
> I am after some general advice or info on people's experiences with
> quad
> port ethernet cards.  Any assistance would be much appreciated.

I have one...

> - Microtek Routerboard 24 (new, cheaper, if this works I'll be
> laughing.  They
> use the National Semiconductor DP83816 chipset according to their
> webpage)

I do not know it.

> - Microtek Routerboard 44 (I am very suspicious of these because they
> use the
> VIA Rhine chipset, and I had lockups and other annoying problems with
> that
> years ago - but if anyone can tell me otherwise, I'm still interested)

This card is working very fine. Never had problems in the last 12 month.
I have two of them in my Router.

> - D-Link DFE-580TX (new and a bit more expensive)

Works like a charm.

> If anyone has any other suggestions that won't break the bank that
> would also
> be good.  Since the actual PCs don't cost over AUD$500 I don't want to
> spend 
> that much on network controllers.  Keep in mind I will have to have
> them 

I have bougt the "Microtek Routerboard 44" in the baltic states
and payed 95 US$ per card.

So you will need to add VAT, duty and international shiping...

> shipped to Australia, or buy them in Australia.  I know of the
> DFE-570TX cards,
> and would love to get my hands on some, but I can't find anywhere to
> buy 
> them.  :(

Australia is a little bit fare away... :-)
But a very nice country.

> The other thing I am curious about is if this configuration is likely
> to 
> cause any other problems.  I have read e-mails on lists and so forth
> saying 
> that there are limits on the number of Ethernet ports supported at
> once, and
> weird PCI bus or BIOS (i.e. AMIBIOS) behaviour that causes problems
> with this 
> sort of setup.  But they too, unfortunately, are out of date.  Does
> anyone 
> know if these problems are an issue with modern Linux setups such as
> one 
> possible with modern hardware and Debian Sarge? 

The "Microtek Routerboard 44" works with WOODY and 2.4.27 here.

> Please do not point me at the Ethernet-HOWTO or Hardware-HOWTO etc.
> unless
> there is a new version of them around.  It is all well and good to


> Many thanks,
> Simon Phillips.


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