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Re: Alsa not working after reboot

cothrige(cothrige@bellsouth.net) is reported to have said:
> Having been a fairly long-time Slackware user, since 8.1, and being
> somewhat unhappy with some compatibility problems with Gnome apps and
> that distro, I decided to see if Debian would work for me.  I don't
> have high-speed internet access and so used a work computer which I
> have access to periodically to download and burn the first two discs
> of Testing.  This seemed a solid place to start and I was confident
> that two discs would get a working system up.
> I was not surprised to find that basically I was right, though
> surprised at some of what was left off of these two discs, eg. alsa, X
> headers and libraries, emacs, etc.  But, overall, things went well and
> after tinkering about with the installation I soon got a working
> system with the basics in place.
> After downloading and installing the alsa-1.0.8 packages I ran
> alsaconf and had the sound up and running.  However, I discovered
> later that if I rebooted the sound never reloaded and I had to run
> alsaconf again.  
man alsactl - [options] [store|restore] <card # or id>

That bit me too.

Documentation is the castor oil of programming.  Managers know it must
be good because the programmers hate it so much.

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