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Re: Two sound problems (debian: addressed to exclusive sender for this address)

Hi Jonathan,

Currently I am using alsa. It works well for me in GNOME. However,
whether I use alsa or OSS makes no difference in KDE; MP3s don't work
either way.

In Sound System -> Hardware, these settings make no difference for
MP3s. I set it up to Advanced Linux Sound Architecture, and any KDE
app I try to use to play an MP3 still crashes. This happens regardless
of whether I toggle "Enable the sound system" ON or OFF. However, if I
do enable the sound system and set it to alsa, the "test sound" button
works fine. (The test MIDI button does not play anything.)

On 6/4/05, Jonathan Kaye <jonathan.kaye@univie.ac.at> wrote:
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> En/La Omari Norman ha escrit, a 04/06/05 05:17:
> | I have been having two problems getting sound to work on my system.
> |
> | The first problem involves only KDE apps. I can get sound in KDE,
> | because I can get sounds from user actions such as maximizing windows,
> | clicking on things, etc. However, I cannot play MP3s. Whenever I try
> | to play an MP3 using a KDE application in KDE, I get a SIGABRT crash,
> | with the crash text that is at the bottom of this message.
> |
> | This problem playing MP3s is limited to KDE apps. I can play MP3s fine
> | inside GNOME using GNOME apps. I can also play MP3s fine if I am using
> | X apps in KDE, or even if I am using a GNOME app inside KDE. But I
> | cannot play MP3s on a KDE app in GNOME--the application won't even
> | launch.
> |
> | KDE's problem with MP3s extends beyond trying to play MP3s. If I even
> | click on an MP3 on my desktop, my whole screen turns black for a
> | second, and then is restored to normal. If I open a Konqueror folder
> | full of MP3s, I get a SIGABRT. This happens even if I do not attempt
> | to open any of the files in the Konqueror window.
> |
> | My other problem extends to both KDE and GNOME: my master volume
> | slider has no effect on my volume. If I open the mixer and adjust the
> | individual components, that works fine. But the master volume has no
> | effect whatsoever.
> |
> | So far, here is what I have tried:
> | * using OSS drivers and Alsa drivers
> | * using sound servers, such as jackd and esd
> | * turning the built-in sound system in the KDE control panel off and on
> |
> | None of these changes have had any effect.
> |
> | My setup: Debian 3.1 (testing Sarge); KDE 3.3.2; Intel AC97 i810
> | integrated PCI sound.
> |
> | Thanks for any help.
> | Omari
> <snip>
> Hi Omari,
> 1. Are you using alsa? If not you might want to install it.
> 2. In KDE go to Kcontrol -> Sound & Multimedia -> Sound System ->
> Hardware. What is your audio device set to?
> Cheers,
> Jonathan
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