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Re: How to move debian from one drive to another and keep it working?


"Pedro M (Morphix User)" <pmacv@telefonica.net> wrote:

> Can anybody improve the page http://wiki.debian.net/?Move about the same topic ?.

> Thank you a lot.


  After reviewing all of the helpful suggestions provided on this list, I chose this method; it seemed simple and elegant.

  It bombed out pretty badly, though.  My system froze in an endless loop of error messages about "DMA table too small" on my destination drive.  A local Linux guru had warned me about making sure not to copy the mounted destination partitions on top of themselves, so it (in hindsight) seems logical to me that a command like


   tar cvf - / | (cd /mnt/; tar xvf -)


would try to copy /mnt/* to itself, unless 'tar' has built-in safeguards.  (As a newb, I don't know the answers to such questions yet.)

  I'm going to try some variations on the above method -- excluding /mnt from the tar process, for example -- and I'll post any successes or failures back here.


Thanks to everyone for the help so far,

Dave W.

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