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Re: Listing packages oldest to newest

Hello Shidai Liu,

Welcome to the Debian club!

On Wed, Jun 01, 2005 at 05:14:13PM +0100, Shidai Liu wrote:
> How to list all the packages installed in the system and how to list them in 
> a certain order like from oldest to newest? This could be very covenient 
> since I don't have much disk space. I'd like to uninstall as many packages 
> as possible along with its dependencies.

dpkg --get-selections

will get you a list of packages that are installed, but that's just in
alphabetical order.

If you didn't clean your package cache the following command will list
packages from newest to oldest:

ls -lt /var/cache/apt/archives/

[If there are some files in here and you want to save disk space you
could easily delete them. The Debian way is by issuing the command
'apt-get clean'.]

But I don't understand why the age of a package could be a good
argument for removing it. I suggest another approach.  Install the
packages debfoster and deborphan with apt-get (or whatever package
manager you are using):

apt-get install debfoster deborphan

Short descriptions:
debfoster: Install only wanted Debian packages
deborphan: Find orphaned libraries

Read the docs of these packages and come back with more questions if
any come up. Basically these packages help you to keep a trimmed
system without unwanted stuff. I think I recommended them on this list
a few weeks ago, so you may also want to search there.


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