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Re: How to disable "Disk cache" on RAM

On Friday May 20 2005 11:24 am, Mohammad Halawah wrote:

> So I am searching for a way to disable this feature "disk cache" on
> my 512MB RAM which I assume will fasten the hibernation process.

Probably not significantly, but it *will* cause a serious performance 
hit.  I strongly recommend just letting the kernel do it's job, it's 
not like Windows where the OS handles memory incompetently.

> Another reason for disabling the "disk cache", is to stop swaping
> on the HDD for the data saved in the "disk cache" part.

There are two ways to stop swapping:

1) swapoff -a  Though you'll start getting out of memory errors and 
things will randomly die under heavy load.

2) Add more ram.  This is the right way to fix this.  The only time 
you will ever use swap space is if you're out of RAM and the system 
needs more RAM to stay running usably.  If you're going more than a 
few megabytes into swap with a normal load, you're either running 
more than you should be, 

Paul Johnson
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