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Re: Help with Zip drive

On Fri, May 20, 2005 at 07:39:13AM -0700, Jerry Turba wrote:
> I just got a parallel port Zip 100 drive. I have the ppa module loaded,
> along with scsi support, scsi disk support. I do not have any scsi drives,
> only the zip on /dev/sda4. The zip is recognized during boot, and I can
> read it, format it with the iomegaware tool (iw), mount it, all without
> problem. I have problems when I  try to write to it. After the cp command
> the system hangs for a while. When it comes back I have lost the use of
> the keyboard but not the mouse, and I have to reboot.
> Here is what seems to be the relevant part of /var/log/messages.

This will not help probably. I had similar problems with my own parallel Zip
100 drive. At some point, I began getting 'input/output' errors when using
cp. I never understood why. I had backup of everything on hard disk, so I
eventually stopped using the zip drive. 


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