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RE: Virii on linux

While several anti-virus companies have "shown" Linux virii in their
labs there has not been one seen in the wild. They have tried really
hard to FUD users into buying their products but generally have failed. 

What is annoying is being forced to incl a anti-virus package on a Linux
server to protect Windows clients and then have the same a-holes claim
anti-virus software is a neutral thing in TCO calcs as it is always

Most virii operate with only windows and only Outlook, so it usually
takes both for a successful virus spread. 

On linux we have neither.

Worms etc are another matter, you can do a lot to harden a box, then add
a firewall and then run some services on non-standard ports, eg ssh on
say 49 (or something). While this is not going to stop a live hacker who
scans, it will defeat lots of automated bots searching for a vulnerable
sshd implementation.



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On 5/18/05, Deboo ^ <knowledgeful@gmail.com> wrote:
> I've heard people say that virii  have come in to linux too, nowadays.
> What kind of virii are these and where can I get info about how to
> secure system against them? 

You can get more info at this links: 




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