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Re: Packages on Debian Site

On Mon, 2005-05-16 at 12:47, Sunburned Surveyor wrote:
> I had a quick question about the packages hosted on the Debian site.
> When you are viewing the packages for a program, the Debian site lists
> related packages. For example, the package page for Inkscape:
> http://packages.debian.org/testing/graphics/inkscape
> Lists several packages under the section "Other Packages Related To
> Inkscape". These related packages are organized into 3 catagories. (1)
> Depends, (2) Recommends, and (3) Suggests.
> When you click on the download link for your architecture under the
> "Download Inkscape" Section, are you only downloading the core package
> for Inkscape? Does this include any of the packages listed in the
> "Other Packages Related To Inkscape" section? Or would you also need
> to download those dependant packages seperately?
> Is there a way to see what packages I already have installed on my
> Devian System?

The easiest way to install this would be to use something like apt or
aptitude to do the installation, as it would resolve the dependencies
for you. Failing that of course you can manually download each package
that you do not currently have and install them separately. The meanings
of the listings are:

Depends - You need to have this package installed in order to install
the main package.
Recommends - Is a package that works with the main package and the
maintainer of the package recommends that you also install it.
Suggests - Additional packages that are also useful in conjunction with
the main package.

To see what packages you currently have installed you can use the dpkg
command to list them out:
dpkg -l
will list all of the packages that have an entry in the debian packages
database. If the first column contains ii then that package is

Again you would probably want to install new packages using apt or
aptitude. I prefer apt, in this case you could do the following:

apt-get install inkscape

Of course you would need to make sure that your apt sources file is
setup correctly.

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