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Re: faxing via broadband

This was a while back, but since I was just looking it up for pointers to 
online fax services, I'm reply now anyway :)

On Friday 06 May 2005 15:00, Gnu-Raiz wrote:
> I do think that e-mail would be a better solution, how many people you
> know have a fax machine, but no e-mail?
> In a simple term faxes are not realiable, too many variables for 
> failure compared to e-mail, and then you have the security aspect to
> contend with.

Agreed.  Fax was a poor and ill-considered approach to what email now does 
better.  Unfortunately some people still provide no other useful contact 
details, and I'm stuck with fax sometimes ;)

> The only exception I can think of would be signatures, 
> I have run into some places which want a signature faxed to them for
> some dumb reason, its not like digital signatures are good enough or
> something.

On this, I would say that digital signatures are far superior, and should 
probably be preferred.


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