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Installing Debian Linux 3.0r4

I have purchased a Debian install DVD disk from Softcopy Systems in Toronto.

After the initial install process the program asks to reboot and I did so.
The next phase was a screen indicating that the installation was correct.
ie: Congradulations you have successfully installed Debion.

At this point I was required to choose the correct time and zone but before
I could do so the following message appeared :

ide2: unexpected interrupt, status=0xd0, count= x(number)

I also saw the message throughout the boot sequence starting at number 1,
then number 340 when the time and zone message appeared, then I went for a
Shower and came back to the computer realizing there was a continuous count
up as high as 3,378.

Any idea on what the problem could be?

My Computer is a P4 running at 3.0 ghz
two Hard Drives WD 40gb & 120 gb
1mb of ram
ati All in Wonder Card 9000 series
on board sound & network

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

John Smola

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