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Re: rsync 2.6.4-4 error

hacker wrote:
> Thanks for pointing out that my bug report didn't get entered.  I
> wonder if it's because I'm using a web mail address with reportbug?
> Anyway, yes, I checked all the things you meantion with no
> improvement.  Also, rsync has since upgraded to 2.6.4-5 and I have the
> same problem.  I'll try again to bug report it.

Not sure why your bug report didn't get entered.  Have you read the
guidelins on bug submission at bugs.debian.org? Or looked at the
reportbug package?

Also,  don't bother submitting a bug since I already encountered
this on my server and filed the appropriate bug (#308428).  The
new package has already been uploaded to Sid as version 2.6.4-6.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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