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setting default compiler version

Hi all,

I'm using debian sid (updated approx. twice a week) and 
I want to use gcc 3.4 (to me more specific: g++ 3.4) 
instead of 3.3.x as my default compiler.

It's no problem to install the packages (e.g. g++-3.4),
but in /usr/bin the executables gcc and g++ are still
linked to the old version (3.3.6 by now).

I could change these symlinks by hand, but I dont want
to do this because I like the apt-get/dpkg way of
handling such things.

Is there a way to tell debian to use g++-3.4 as the default
compiler and set all symlinks (at least /usr/bin/gcc, /usr/
bin/g++ and /usr/lib/cpp) to the right version using the
normal dpkg tools (like dpkg-reconfigure or something like

Tnx in advance


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