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configuring horde3: authentication troubles

we're having a dickens of a time figuring out how to get horde off the

apt-get install horde3 turba2 mip4 ingo1
apt-get install php4-{gd,ldap,mcrypt}
pear install mail_mime
pear install auth_sasl http_request services_weather net_url
pear install cache
pear install net_sieve
pear upgrade-all

did all that and with a bit of apache configuring, was able to get to the
horde config interface via web browser.

but it seems that no matter which authentication method we use (aside from
the 'why authenticate when everyone can play administrator?' method), we
get the cold shoulder. restoring the standard 'everybody is administrator'
config in between is simple cut-and-paste, so we can get back to the
authentication tab in horde setup. which is where we try:

we're using exim4 with cyrus21; mutt can connect (imap://will@localhost)
with passwords set up via "saslpasswd2" like it's second nature. but

May 07 16:24:20 HORDE [error] [horde] FAILED LOGIN for nope [] to
Horde [on line 95 of "/usr/share/horde3/login.php"]
that's a proper bounce, as i used a bad password on purpose just to check.

May 07 16:24:33 HORDE [notice] [horde] Login success for will []
to Horde [on line 76 of "/usr/share/horde3/login.php"]
that looks like success, but horde sends me right back to the login form

May 07 16:33:52 HORDE [error] [horde] FAILED LOGIN for nope [] to
Horde [on line 95 of "/usr/share/horde3/login.php"]
that's a proper bounce, with the wrong password.

May 07 16:34:09 HORDE [error] [horde] FAILED LOGIN for will [] to
Horde [on line 95 of "/usr/share/horde3/login.php"]
that one wasn't.

here the horde web page is nearly blank (regardless of password) with only
a link to 'login' and to collapse the sidebar.

then i notice (in the apache logs, instead of the horde logs):
su: must be run from a terminal

well, we're using shadow passwords (and md5 at that) and we don't want to
give www-data (apache) access to the shadow file anyway. unless there's
another way...?

well, cyrus imap is set up to use sasl authentication, which seems to work
(via mutt imap://me@localhost for example). but i don't grok 'name of
authenticating application' and 'sasl service to use'...

after "htpasswd -c horde-auth will" and setting a (crypt) password, i
specify the file in the horde authentication setup. permissions 644 just
for testing.

May 07 16:49:58 HORDE [error] [horde] FAILED LOGIN for xyz [] to
Horde [on line 95 of "/usr/share/horde3/login.php"]
right, there's no "xyz" user.

May 07 16:50:03 HORDE [error] [horde] FAILED LOGIN for will [] to
Horde [on line 95 of "/usr/share/horde3/login.php"]
same story, whether the entry is there or not.


as long as i use
$conf['auth']['driver'] = 'auto';
$conf['auth']['params'] = array('username' => 'Administrator');

i can get in, but then so could everyone else. aaugh!

what step went untaken? thanks in advance!

[aside -- intermittently, with the 'everyone is administrator' setting the
nav sidebar sometimes has the full link set, and other times has only
'login' (and 'collapse') in case that's pertinent. and when i'm wide open
like that i can get in and save settings, and the postgresql database gets
updates, so that part is working just fine.]

Their iz ate errers on this sentance.

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