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Re: wireless card for a laptop

M. Maas wrote:
I've recently bought a new netgear WG511. But all the newer ones are
being sold as WG511 but actually are WG511v2 as in version two of
the product.

This version contains a broadcom chipset and will not work with
Linux. Except perhaps with ndiswrapper...

So far, my favorite has been the Proxim Orinoco Gold b/g (8470-FC), which uses an Atheros chipset (and the madwifi drivers on Linux). It Just Works <tm>[1]. I now have two of them, one permanently attached to a homebrew cantenna [2], and the other running solo.

The Proxim b/g card uses the same MC antenna connector as the classic Lucent/Agere Orinoco cards, if you want/need to use an external antenna.

	"Bus error (passengers dumped)"

[1] <rant>It never ceases to amaze me how stupid some vendors are about their model numbers - why the f___ can't they at least use a different model number when they decide to use a new chipset du jour? (And no, adding a version number doesn't count!)</rant> So far, at least Proxim has been consistent with the Orinoco b/g card's chipset... but it's anybody's guess how long that will last.

[2] The MC male connector is delicate - it won't stand up to many connect/disconnect cycles, so it's best to leave the pigtail permanently attached to the card. I learned this after destroying a pigtail through too many such cycles. :o(

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