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Re: do I really need "make-kpkg clean"?

Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote:

The question is, what if  I am fiddling with some feature and want to do a
minor change to see if that fixes the problem. I shouldn't be made to do a
complete recompile just because I made one single minor change.
If you don't agree, you are ruining the pleasure of makefiles.

Makefiles are meant to deal with changes in the code itself, not with changes in config options. Make just looks at dependencies and file dates, not at the contents of those files. When you change a config option, a define is changed in a file that lots of other files have a dependency on, so all those files (and files that depend on it, and so on) are rebuilt.

I think thiss a big drawback of make; one way to minimize the problem is using ccache.

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