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Re: rediscovering hardware

Tony Godshall wrote:
According to Tom Allison,

Tony Godshall wrote:

According to Kent West,

Tom Allison wrote:


I replaced my motherboard after an accident.

Everything mostly works, but a lot of the on board hardware (sound in
particular) isn't the same as the old board.

I know the installation process (sarge installer) does a great job
finding out what I have and setting it up.

How can I "re-discover" the hardware on this machine and remove/add
modules accordingly?


While systems may do some kind of auto-detect of the hardware when they start, I find it difficult to believe that they would actually go through and rebuild the modules conf files at every boot (auto config rather then auto-detect).

1. comment out everything in /etc/modules (those entries
have nothing to do with this system)

I already have discover installed. IFAIK it came with the initial installation (sarge installer RC2 based) and has been there ever since.

I should expect discover to rebuild the modules.conf file?
(sounds like "Yes").
I take it discover is not able (ever or yet) to modify the modules.conf file based on new/different hardware detected? This is a bit of a stretch and won't apply to 99% of the userbase, but I just thought I would ask.

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