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Re: Print problem

Hi Jeff,

I guess you've probably found some kind of solution by now, but since I've recently got an HP 710c to work with cups under sarge, here's my minuscule input:

The 710c is a 'windows' printer, and I guess from your lp0: ECP mode message yours is too (ECP is Extended Capabilities Port, a protocol developed by HP and M$, see http://www.beyondlogic.org/ecp/ecp.htm). This means you need some extra packages to make cups work.

After the usual cups install, I did:

apt-get install hp-ppd

For, unsurprisingly, some HP ppd files. Unfortunately the 710c was not among them, so then I did:

apt-get install pnm2ppa

This is for converting to the ECP handshake protocol, I think. A number of sites, including linuxprinting say this is the way to go. However, it didn't solve the problem, cups still didn't have a driver for the 710c, so I did:

apt-get install cupsomatic-ppd

This is a big package with a ton of ppd's in it. After that it all worked fine. I added the 710c on the parallel port using the cups web interface, and was able to print in all the usual ways without any hitches. I don't know if cupsomatic-ppd would have done it on it's own, might be worth a try.

Now I have a question: If you have found a solution, do you know how to suppress the lp0: ECP mode message in dmesg, which spews all over the terminal from time to time?

Hope this helps!


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