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On Tue, May 03, 2005 at 11:05:14AM -0500, Fafa Hafiz Krantz wrote:
> Timo,
> > please stop posting this!
> Get your weak wood out of my wheels!
> I fight poverty to avoid ending up like you.
> > > I work for poor people through UNDP.
> > 
> > one more proof that there i) are wrong people in the wrong places and
> > ii) much money is being wasted.
> There are good people in the UNDP.
> > it's not the lame presentation of even lamer masterplans that makes
> > hundreds of thousands of people in the 3rd world die of hunger and
> > deseases every month, no, it's that fucking capitalism!
> Masterplans don't kill people!
> Masterplans help them survive!
Hi Fafa,
I was just looking at the UNDP web site. Most of the things mention get
internet infrastructure out to the hinterlands. Nothing about what
software or hardware they intend to use. There are two ways to approach
problems: top-down and bottom-up. I think opensource is more bottom-up.
And there are already initiatives that are being taken regardless of the
UN. The main efforts are around getting FLOSS capable of being used in
every language. This is still not a finished project. UTF-8 and Gnome
are on their way! There are project like arabeyes.org that are working
on arabic. There is the govenment initiatve in Brazil (with help from
Debian). And of course, Ubuntu who I think is working of this in a major
counter.li.org #238656 -- goto counter.li.org and be counted!
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