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Fafa Hafiz,

Pardon the top post, but master plans are for totalitarian governments and bureaucracies. Their sole purpose is to assist in perpetuating established institutions. (No institution is going to plan it's own demise. Oh, and how well they serve their purpose is a subject of some debate.)

Maybe what you should be asking for is examples of business plans, although those are all too often used by the powers that be to keep small businesses from growing and threatening the status quo. Informal operating policies and such might also be of interest.

On 2005.5.4, at 01:05 AM, Fafa Hafiz Krantz wrote:


please stop posting this!

Get your weak wood out of my wheels!
I fight poverty to avoid ending up like you.

I work for poor people through UNDP.

one more proof that there i) are wrong people in the wrong places and
ii) much money is being wasted.

There are good people in the UNDP.

it's not the lame presentation of even lamer masterplans that makes
hundreds of thousands of people in the 3rd world die of hunger and
deseases every month, no, it's that fucking capitalism!

Masterplans don't kill people!
Masterplans help them survive!

you are in one of many key positions to change this. do something! and
please stop driveling!

Stop trolling.

Joel Rees
    Getting involved in the neighbor's family squabbles is dangerous.
But if the abusive partner has a habit of shooting through his/her roof,
    the guy who lives upstairs is in a bit of a catch-22.

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