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Re: Cannot remove 'execute' permission from vfat & ntfs partitions

pseudo.nym@ukgateway.net (Kevin Vickers) writes:

> The relevant lines from /etc/fstab are:
> /dev/hda1	/mnt/winC	vfat	noexec,rw,uid=1000,gid=1000	0	0
> /dev/hda6	/mnt/winE	ntfs	noexec,ro,uid=1000,gid=1000	0	0
> The resulting permissions are:
> /mnt/winC .... rwx r-- r-- , i.e. 744
> /mnt/winE .... r-x --- --- , i.e. 500
> Is there a way of removing the 'execute' permissions from these partitions.

How are you going to search these directories if you don't have 'x'
permission on directories? Just currious.


Dragan Cvetkovic, 

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