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I need help with TeX administration on Debian Sarge

I am not a TeX expert. I have books and I am searching the Web. I found
a package that is supposed to do a thing that I want, namely newsletr.
I want to install it on my Sarge system, which already has tetex package
installed and running. But I can't figure out what to do in order to
the TeX package, newsletr, into tetex the Debian way. The instructions
from ctan.org on managing a one-person TeX system seem to assume a starting
point in the TeX config files that differs from what was set up by aptitude.
I can't make out what I really need to do, and I'm almost certain that
Debian tetex package eliminates the need for steps that are required for
non-Debian tetex users, but what steps?  Where can I find help that is
specific to the Debian package? Where can I just find documentation that
has been edited to reflect Debian package reality?

Please give pointers to the real Debian stuff.

Paul E Condon           

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