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Re: Debian loads too many modules at boot

Gokul Poduval wrote:


I am running Debian Sarge. Whenever Debian boots, it loads almost
every modules present in /lib/modules/kernel-number. This causes boot
times to be in the rage of 5 minutes for me. I think discover is
casuing this. Has anybody managed to reduce boot time, while still
having some hardware detection ? Discover loads up modules that do not
even relate to my hardware.
Apart from discover, you may also have modutils and/or module-init-tools running at boot which may start some stuff. They are supposed to be for different kernel vers (modutils 2.4, the other 2.6) but if you have or had a 2.4 and a 2.6 kernel installed, you get both and they don't check uname -r on boot so they both probe the same modules.

Regarding discover, I think you can `blacklist' some modules so it doesn't probe them. Ithink it operates in a conservative manner (e.g. if it looks like you might need something, probe it)

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