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Re: Regex expert needed

On Mon, 2005-05-02 at 16:08 +0100, Alan Chandler wrote:
> For instance I want the parse this string
> Form = 'This is a bad bad thing, but not as bad as it would be if \"x = 5\", 
> so thats it',Connection=5
> Into the strings
> Form
> =
> 'This is a bad bad thing, but not as bad as it would be if \"x=5\", so thats 
> it'
> ,
> Connection
> =
> 5
> using the php preg_split() finction.  So, I first want to find a regex that 
> finds the commas I have split out (bit not the common in the quoted string, 
> and then for each substring put that through another version of preg_split() 
> which finds the = as delimeters.  Again in the quoted string, I want to 
> ignore the x=5 equal sign.

Something like this should do the trick:


If you KNOW that the commas are going to be before or after the quoted
string, then the above could be simplified a bit.

Disclaimer: The above is written from the top of my head. I don't have a
chance to test it at the moment so YMMV.

Alex Malinovich
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