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Re: Regex expert needed

On Sat, 2005-04-30 at 21:42 +0100, Alan Chandler wrote:
> I am using PHP and I am trying to parse a string into substrings delimited by 
> a single character. In some instances this is a ',' in others it will be '='.
> I think the php function preg_split is the one to use, but I need find the 
> right regular expression to match the delimeter character.  Not being an 
> expert and seeing its just not an obvious single character (see below) it has 
> confused me completely.
> Unfortunately a subset of the substrings themselves may have ',' or '=' signs 
> in them, although each string in this subset will itself have had the 
> addslashes() function performed on it to escape internal quote characters and 
> then completely surrounded in a pair of single quote characters.
> In otherwords my regular expression does not want to match a ',' (or in the 
> other case a '=') if it is inside an unescaped quote.
> So can any regular expression experts out there help me define the right one 
> to match the criteria I have described.

Some sample data would be useful. Your explanation is pretty good, but
as soon as you started with "Unfortunately ...", that made it much more
difficult to deal with (for me at least) without sample data.

Alex Malinovich
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