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Re: Silence apt-get for real

Radu Brumariu wrote:
Andrey Andreev wrote:
Configuration file `/etc/qmail/tcp.smtp'
 ==> Modified (by you or by a script) since installation.
 ==> Package distributor has shipped an updated version.
   What would you like to do about it ?  Your options are:
    Y or I  : install the package maintainer's version
    N or O  : keep your currently-installed version
      D     : show the differences between the versions
      Z     : background this process to examine the situation
 The default action is to keep your current version.
*** tcp.smtp (Y/I/N/O/D/Z) [default=N] ? n

How can I get rid of this warning ? - I want apt-get to be completely
silent. I know that this could be dangerous - but in my case it is ok
given that it is me that control the repository and that I have tested
all the packages before putting them there.

So to put it short how do I silence apt-get completely ?.

Check the yes command.

You probably want something like

yes | apt-get upgrade -youroptionshere


yes N | apt-get upgrade -youroptionshere



apt-get has alread a switch just for that : apt-get -y upgrade . RTFM.

And -y does not cover all warnings, as you would see if you RTFM yourself. Next time try to answer the question.


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