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choose the default display manager

When my box (Sarge) starts up I see the following messages on 
console 1:

Not starting GNOME Display Manager (gdm); it is not the default 
display manager.
Starting K Display Manager: kdm.
Starting WINGs display manager: wdm.
Not starting X display manager (xdm); it is not the default display 

What can I learn from that? It seems to start two display managers. 
Strange enough, I don't get any error messages. But in which conf-file 
can I actually set the display manager that is used?! I tried dpkg-
reconfigure {gdm|kdm|wdm|xdm} which lets me choose the default 
display manager. That doesn't change anything, yet. 
And how can I tell which display manager has been used? I'm just 
curious, because I can't recognize anything familiar. And I'm pretty 
sure that I know what gdm and kdm should look like.

Thanks for your help.
Hans-Joerg v. Mettenheim

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