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Re^2: maximal size of root partition with Sarge installer

Sat, 30 Apr 2005 01:07:25 +0200, dexter2@nextra.sk wrote:
> 1. Usually during installation, there is posibility to modify proposed
> partitions. 
Certainly.  It would have allowed me to make 
the partition smaller but not larger.

> Someting like expert mode, or so.

fdisk in the Woody installer had that.  I am 
working with the Sarge installer which is 
more interactive than the fdisk in Woody.
Try it.

> 2. Are you sure /dev/hda1 is / 


> isn't it /boot partition?


> Try:
> #cfdisk /dev/hda  ....to see also partition labels
> #cat /etc/fstab    ....to see defined mount points
> #df                 ....to see actual mount points

I've used those since 1987.

Still wondering where the 732 MB upper limit comes 

Thanks,          ... Peter E.

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