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Re: do I really need "make-kpkg clean"?

Pollywog wrote:
> On Sunday 01 May 2005 11:41 pm, s. keeling wrote:
>>Incoming from H. S.:
>>>do not take long. They are fine. It is only the compilaton of a new
>>>kernel after "make-kpkg clean" that takes around 50 or 58 minutes (1.8
>>>GHz PIV with 256 MB of RAM).
>>You must have the slowest hard drive in existence.  My 700 Mhz PIII
>>does a kernel compile in 18 min.
> I also have 256MB RAM and 1.8 GHz CPU and it takes almost an hour to compile a 
> 2.6.x kernel.  I guess it might be time for a new computer.
> 8)

The problem is more thank likely RAM, not CPU speed.  I just ran a trial
with this command:

time sh -c "tar jxvf kernel-source-2.6.8.tar.bz2;
cd kernel-source-2.6.8; cp /boot/config-2.6.8-<hostname>-15.2 .config;
make oldconfig; fakeroot make-kpkg --append-to-version=-dummy
--revision=20050501 binary"

It does the following things:

1. untar the kernel-source (using the Debian 2.6.8 in Sarge)
2. use the current configuration and then make oldconfig
   (to eliminate the need for user input)
3. make the binary package, which builds kernel_source, kernel_headers,
   kernel_doc and kernel_image (note: kernel_source involves making a
   new tarball of the kernel-source).

To give you an idea of the amount of stuff being compiled into the
kernel, the final compressed vmlinuz ends up ~2 MB for both computers.

Here are the computers:

1. 1.8 GHz (AMD Athlon XP 2500+), 1 GB DDR RAM, 2 hard drives in RAID-1
   at UDMA5.
2. 700 MHz P-III, 256 MB RAM (laptop), 1 hard drive at UDMA2

Neither machine was loaded with any other task besides the kernel

The times:

* Computer 1:
real    14m58.230s
user    12m32.601s
sys     1m7.569s

* Computer 2:
real    45m1.802s
user    33m3.034s
sys     3m3.757s


Roberto C. Sanchez

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